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The figure of the Coach Driver was born as a solution to the main problem of motorsport: the lack of tests on track and the rising costs.

The passage from karting to single seater is quicker than the past and made at a very young age. With high costs and lack of testing, the coaching service is a substantial help to speed up significantly the growth of a driver, reducing mistakes and to provide all the technical knowledge required by a professional driver. The aim is to allow the driver to improve progressively event by event, making the achievement of its goals easier.

Thanks to the experience accumulated in many years of high-level competitions and activities of instructor and coach, I have the opportunity to provide the drivers a valuable know-how that guarantees a 360 ° support in activities on and off the track.

/// services

  • Providing technical knowledge and study of the dynamic of a car
  • Pre-event preparation with video/telemetry data
  • Improvement of driving techniques
  • Track analysis: Reference points and secrets of the various circuits, learnt after many years of experience
  • Study and analysis of telemetry
  • Providing on-board camera with subsequent analysis of the laps
  • Managing relationships with the team and race engineer
  • Check of the physical preparation pre and post race
  • Food and integrators management during a race weekend.